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Class 1

(indoor class) Began with Balloonicature, all campers participate(“Balloon Pirates”) birds, swords and balloon heads. Class Price: $150

Class 2

(Inflatable) Jumpers in the moonwalk can jump high or play games of volleyball match inside. $90.00

Class 3 ›

(Festival of funny faces)(indoor class) Campers learn to work the helium by making floating balloon Heads. Class Price: $175

Class 4

(Inflatable) Gladiator Eliminator Pedestal Joust. Competitor event ideal for teen and adults, we suggest you give prizes for this event. $90.00 per Hr.

Class 5

(Inflatable) All campers slide home on the “Cliff Hanger” the largest of the inflatable slides, at 22’ high feel the rush. Class Price: $375 Set price (3-Hr. run)

Class 6

(Inflatable) It’s a Mad Mad Rush with Mad ($375/3 Hr)

Class 7

Balloon Typhoon – A Giant head of a clown engulf the children a typhoon of balloons inside as they run of the chase. $90.00 Hr.

Class 8

Positive Sound/address system- a must to complete any program thanks to HU and TJMS bringing positive music and fun entertainment to your event.

Special Events Committee
Year-round and Summer Camp
- 2009

ALL Services ARE offered at a minimum of 2 hours

Other kiddy inflatable’s: Winston the whale, Baby dino land, Balloon typhoon, (note): theses inflatable) at $75.00 per Hr.

Camp coordinator responsible for some tools: rubber cement glue, scissors, and a tank of helium.

All other tools Carl’s Balloon will provide.

Summer camp special offers. Mix and match to accommodate.